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Builder or Destroyer

I have one question for you. Are you a builder or a destroyer? Every day each one of us has the power to build somebody up or to destroy them. Our tongues and actions are so powerful. I would venture to say however that our tongues are more powerful than anything. I spent a large… Continue reading Builder or Destroyer

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Cookout Ettiquette 2014

It's officially summer. At the suggestion of a friend, here are my rules for a successful cookout season. Just a side note for you non-Southerners, barbeque(cue) is something you eat not something you do. You grill or cookout, but you never barbeque(cue). 1. The cookout should start no later than 1 hour after the agreed… Continue reading Cookout Ettiquette 2014

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My/Your Person

If you've ever watched Grey's Anatomy then you've heard the term my/your person. I love the phrase because it holds so much meaning. Your person is the one you share your hopes, dreams, and fears. Your person is there through the good and bad days. When you get great news who is the first person you call or… Continue reading My/Your Person

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Findng my family again

Happy New Year! I've been absent for a while, enjoying my vacation. It was the best vacation I've had in a while. Eleven days off and so many plans. My mother laughs because I always need a vacation from my vacation. I literally am on the go the entire time I'm home. There are so… Continue reading Findng my family again