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That Girl

I never wanted to be that girl. You know that girl. The girl who likes attention. The girl that loves to shop at the mall. The girl who loves to eat at upscale restaurants and have brunch every weekend. The girl who must have designer shoes and handbags in every style and color possible. The… Continue reading That Girl

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She Said Yes

I did it. I approached her and quickly said we should get together some time and she responded “We should”. I walked away with mixed emotions about her response. Was she being sincere or was she just being polite to me? See, this is what anxiety will do to you if you allow it to… Continue reading She Said Yes


Taking the blinders off

I'm in the midst of some major life changes. I'll admit that turning thirty-five was something I dreaded. It reminds me that I'm halfway through my thirties and quickly approaching forty. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful to be still standing but I do have a certain anxiety about where I am in this life. I… Continue reading Taking the blinders off